Envision incorporates high performance and efficient LED light source. High quality lighting allows to produce the true picture during endoscopy procedures. LED technology allows long life with constant intensity. This allows no lamp replacement thereby reducing service cost.

Technical Specifications:

Light Source              : High-Power LED

Colour temperature  : 6500K

LED Brightness         : 3800 Im

Light intensity          : Equivalent to 180W Xenon

LED Life                    : 50000 hours 

Input Voltage            : 180-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Laparoscopy LED Light Source india


Size 240x105x265mm

Weight: 6 Kilograms

Laparoscopy LED Light Source india

Safety and Protection

  • LED Temp warning: monitors LED temperature and auto cut off at high temperature.
  • Color Integrity : white light throughout life. 
  • Safe Lighting: enters standby mode when Fiber Optic Cable not connected.


User Control & display

  • Membrane Keypad with backlight
  • 20- step adjustable intensity controls using digital PWM
  • Graphic display to monitor timing and intensity levels